Clean & Local Energy

We advocate the development of policy and legislative solutions that will support the systematic integration of decentralized renewable energy sources. Read more

Accountable Companies

We develop and promote legal frameworks for corporate accountability. We aim to bridge existing global governance gaps and strengthen the enforcement of laws and people's ability to assert their rights. Read more

People vs. Corruption

We empower people to defend public interests and develop, promote, and enforce laws to prevent systemic corruption in the Czech Republic and Poland. Read more

  • Transformation of the energy sector in EU countries
  • Clear rules for multinational corporations
  • Defending public interests, empowering people
  • Re-opening the debate on the purpose of the corporation
  • EBRD suspends loan for Romanian coal plant Turceni

    Kristína Šabová

    Bucharest: The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) confirmed this week [1] that it has suspended plans to finance the refurbishment of the Turceni coal power plant in Romania [2]. The project is currently subject to a number of legal challenges on environmental grounds and Romanian authorities are investigating allegations of corruption at the plant. “We welcome the news that the EBRD dropped financing for the coal unit...

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    We are now Frank Bold

    The Environmental Law Service has changed its name to Frank Bold to better reflect its unique approach.

    We are a purpose driven law firm using power of business as well as non-profit approach to solve social and environmental problems.

    We promote corporate and governmental accountability, pioneer climate change litigation, and provide free legal support to civil society in human rights, environmental and anticorruption cases.

    Frank Bold is showing new ways how to combine profit as well as non – profit approaches in the most effective ways to deliver solutions for nowadays challenges. This type of entrepreneurship requires frankness and boldness to inspire others.